Experience tea in a new way

Think outside the (tea) bag

 Tea & Timbre has the best selection of fair priced, high quality, and organic tea on the internet. All of our tea is loose leaf and comes in reusable metal cans. Not only does this maintain all the nutrients and flavors but it also keeps our planet free from the unhealthy pollution of single use plastics.

Loose Leaf 

Organically sourced from around the world

Lets keep the earth green

You see this metal can? 

No plastic means no harmful waste. This keeps are planet healthy just the way we like. We do our part to minimize our carbon footprint.

Make tea your new morning routine.

We are more than just a tea store

Want to learn more about tea?

Why don’t we sell bagged tea? 

It’s simple, bagged tea is convenient with the sacrifice of very poor quality. It lacks the nutrients and robust flavors that loose leaf has to offer thanks to a process called CTC (cut, tear, curl) which pulverizes the tea into fine powder resulting in duller flavor, and a faster steeping time (typically a more bitter and flat cup). Most tea bags also leach plastic (yes, even the “paper” bags) into your cup- something nobody wants. 

By sticking with the traditional loose leaf method, we limit our carbon footprint, preserve the integrity of the tea, and adhere to the main reason for enjoyment: a healthy, happy body!  

Did you know that tea can give you sustaining energy that will last all day and won’t give you the hard crash that a cup coffee will give you? Learn more on why we choose over coffee any day of the week.