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Growing up on Celestial Seasonings from my parents cupboard, it was common for us to wind down the day with a cup of something herbal, occasionally indulging in some Blue Bell or Tillamook. There’s just something about ending your day with a sweet and soothing ritual that gets your mind and body ready to lay the night down for the next day to come.

I received my formal introduction into the world of tea at a local tea shop in Denton Texas around 2011, finding that I had hardly scratched the surface of what tea really was!

While I still appreciate the ease of tossing a bag into boiled water, there’s an art to tea! There’s an ancient and hidden world of culture full of exciting and far better flavor that begins by ditching the bag to embrace the art and science of high quality, hand crafted, loose leaf tea. 

We exist to make that better product, exquisite culture, and richer tea experience accessible and enjoyable to normal people like you and I.

At Tea & Timbre, you’ll find helpful resources to discover what tea is, it’s history, and how to properly brew it! & Of course, you’ll find a selection of some of the finest tea our humble Tulsa-based operation has to offer.

-Derek Premenko (Founder)

timbre: Not timber

Timbre: the character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity.

In applicable terms, timbre is the unique voicing that sounds different from another, even when the exact same note is played. It’s the difference in sound between a French horn and a clarinet playing the same note at the same volume.

We all live very unique lives yet we do similar things. We wake up, we work, we go to sleep, we love, we play, we fight: we live life! Let’s say that your individual life has a particular voice or timbre. Following that parallel, the same life that you enjoy now can take on a much brighter, fuller, richer,  timbre or voice when you introduce tea into your morning, nights or anywhere in between! We firmly believe in the physical and mental health benefits of daily indulgence in tea (in its’ purest form: loose leaf), and we’re so confident in this that we’ve staked our entire name on it.